Deliverables and Milestones


Deliverable. no. Deliverable Title Delivery date 
6.1 Project web-site launched M3
D 6.3 Generic research poster, updated as progress is achieved, for use at conferences and trade shows M4
D 6.2 Creation of project newsletter M3, M15, M27, M39
D.1.1. Detailed Test matrix M11
D 6.4 Generic Outreach Package for use in community engagement activities M8
D 7.1 Submission of 1st technical progress, management and financial reports. M12
D.2.1. Database of fatigue durability test results w.r.t fibre straightness, sizing, resin formulation M18
D 3.1 Prototype drawing and description of novel strain sensor M18
D 7.3 Proceedings of International Symposium M20
D 7.2 Submission of 2nd technical progress, management and financial reports. M24
D 3.2 Key Criteria for performance cost model report M24
D 3.3 Process recipe for demonstrator component M30
D 4.1 Review report with identification of performance cost model gaps and opportunities M30
D 4.2 Validation of fatigue durability model against coupon data M30
D 4.3 Upgraded cost-performance model M40
D 7.4 Submission of 3rd technical progress, management and financial reports. M36
D.2.2. Determination of best-in-class fibre sizing for carbon fibre in immersed applications M41
D 5.1 Validation of design and cost models M44
D 5.2 Commercial Viability report M44
D 7.5 Submission of final technical progress, management and pre-final financial reports M48


Milestone. no. Description Date
M 7 Agreement of management/ governance structures
and their terms of reference
M 7.2 Establishment of Project Steering Committee M1
M 6.1 Dissemination, Exploitation and Outreach Plan in place M3
M 6.2 Development of Integrated, Modular, Outreach Package for Schools
and Public Science and Technology Events
M 7.3 Signature of Consortium Agreement M7
M 1.1 Gap analysis report detailing future material performance
M 2.1 Preliminary fatigue durability test report M18
M 6.3 International Symposium M20
M 3.1 Fibre Optic Sensor integration report M30
M 4.1 Finalise demonstrator design M30
M 3.2  Report on out of plane stitching performance and cost M38
M 2.2 Final fatigue durability test report M41
M 5.1 Completion of demonstrator build and testing M47
M 5.2 Overall commercialisation report M47
M 6.4 Report on key findings M48