Researcher Testimonials


“The Marie Curie IAPP programme has remarkably helped me to gain valuable experience in the industrial environment hence influencing me how I view research between academia and industry. During my secondments, I identified and developed my research professional skills as well as learning new methods and experimental techniques related to my researching field. As an experienced researcher, I developed/maintained co-operative networks and working relationships as appropriate with supervisor and colleagues within the company and the wider research community through numerous conferences and workshops. Finally, I gained a better understanding of commercial potential of research” – Dr Dimitrios Mamalis, secondments from Univeristy of Edinburgh to EireComposites and SUZLON


“The purpose of the secondment was to develop industrial skills while the same time work for the MARINCOMP’s objectives. Since I had never worked before with an Industrial partner, I gained significant experience from working with experienced staff and professionals. First and foremost, as a PhD student, I have increased my critical thinking on problem solving and multitasking. In the current secondment, multitasking is a fact, manufacturing, testing, developing ideas and good communication between the consortium are the most frequently aspects of this project. Secondly, I was trained to use equipment and components that have high standards. MARINCOMP project has many different manufacturing techniques, testing procedures and systematically personal developing to complete the objectives and the milestones of the project. All this personal developing leads to training which is also a part of the secondment”Eva Pappa, secondment from University of Edinburgh to EireComposites


“After being on secondment to two different companies in two different countries, I believe I have benefited a great deal. It is interesting to see the different cultures as well as understanding how a company thinks and operates. Many of the lessons I learnt while based at a company will influence my approach to research in the future as all too often in academia we look at research but never really look at the big picture and see what problem we are trying to solve.
Being based at companies for several months is extremely beneficial as it meant I could really get a feel for the business and make much stronger connections to individuals at the companies than we ever would through conventional networking. In addition to this, I was able to learn how they make components and what the thought is behind their approach which is often something missing from textbooks or papers. I am confident we will be continuing to collaborate in the future”Dr Thomas Dooher, secondments from Ulster University to EireComposites and SUZLON.


“Very beneficial project, particularly the secondments as they promoted a good relationship between ÉireComposites and University of Edinburgh researchers. Training, conferences and trade shows attended were very informative to see developments elsewhere in the composites industry” – Conor Glennon, secondment from EireComposites to University of Edinburgh


“Since the Marincomp project involves secondment at an Academic Institute this allowed me to dedicate my time to research whereas my day job involves more of a focus on project management. The Marincomp project gave me the opportunity to attend a number of conferences and project meetings which was beneficial to see how the Marine Renewable Energy Industry is developing. As part of my training I joined Engineers Ireland for the first time since I left University and plan to apply to become a Chartered Engineer. I found the Marincomp project very beneficial and prompted me to re-start professional training and CPD” – Adrian Doyle, secondments from EireComposites to Ulster University and University of Edinburgh



“Thanks to the Marie Curie IAPP programme, it has been possible for me to increase my technical experience in particular thanks to the knowledge sharing between all the partners and researchers involved.
Personally thanks to the training and conference attended, the personal improvement has been quite impressive because it has been merged with the detailed knowledge acquired during the work executed.
On the cultural side, this experience gave me the possibility to work with different researchers from different countries with different backgrounds and experiences. This environment was really friendly and stimulant giving to all the participants the possibility to share opinions freely without
any preconception.
The personal opinion about the program is overall positive and, hopefully, during my future career there will be the possibility for me to join another Marie Curie IAPP programme” – Sandro Di Noi, secondment from SUZLON to University College Cork